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Complete one the week of 3/16 - 3/20, and one the 3/30-4/3

1. Free response

Scenario - You're in charge of your own choir program! Imagine what that might look like.


How many choirs would you have, and how would they be organized? What sort of repertoire would you perform, how many concerts would you schedule, and what would your expectations be regarding auditions? Would you require students to learn music theory and develop sight reading skills? How would you recruit for your program? What would your ensembles wear? Describe YOUR ideal program in detail. Write an email to Mr. Crane outlining your program.

2. Compare, Contrast, Critique


Below are two versions of the same piece of music performed in very different ways. Compare the two recordings and determine what factors explain how each choir sounds. Note the use of vibrato, intonation, ensemble size, balance and blend, facial expressions, and any other related factors. Write an email to Mr. Crane explaining your opinion and indicating which choir you enjoyed more and why.

Just for fun....wait for it! :-)

Still not great with key signatures and note names? There are many great online resources to help you!  

- covers key signatures, note names, rhythmic exercises, etc

I LOVE this youtube channel - Everything you want to know (or don't) about early music, present in a fun and understandable way. 

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