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M&M's Auditions

Auditions will take place Monday , May 13th in room 622 (choir room)

at 3:00


TO REGISTER send an email to: - the subject line shoud read M&M's Auditions

The email must include the following information.

- your name

- your voice part

- singing experience

You will then receive a confirmation email that you have registered

The M&M's audition will test your ability to sing your part independently in an a cappella vocal quartet.

Use the tracks below to learn your part. Listen to the track while you look at your sheet music and internalize the notes.  Your part will be louder than the other parts in the video. To check your preparedness, try singing your part against the other voice part videos. It's also a good idea to practice singing with others who may be auditioning. You should still be able to sing your part without it being played. Sheet music is available in the folder hanging outside of room 622.

Mr. Crane will run rehearsals during tiger times on May 8th, 9th, and 10th, if you'd like more assistance learning your part. 





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